Gorkha, Aug 7: Mobile telephone service in Barpak of Gorkha district, the epicentre of April 25 earthquake, is disrupted for the last 15 days after having problems in the towers of Nepal Telecom and NCell.

The Nepal Telecom tower has become dysfunctional while lack of diesel to run the generator has halted the service of NCell tower, Tej Bahadur Ghale, a local resident said.

Ghale said that there could have some technical problems in the Nepal Telecom tower. “No one has paid attention to repair the towers. The villagers are detached from the communication service,” he complained.

He, however, said that the villagers have realised some relief, as there is free WiFi service in Barpak. “We have an access to internet service if the days are sunny. But, the WiFi service does not work if there is rainfall and clouds in the sky,” he shared.

“Not resuming the highly essential service for 15 days is a sheer negligence of the government,” Ghale criticised.

However, chief of Nepal Telecom, Gorkha, Devendra Kumar Pradhan said that resumption of tower is difficult after the solar panel failed to produce energy due to rainy days and clouds in the sky. He also added that the office was unable to send the officials due to rain. “We will repair the tower after the end of the rainy season,” he said. RSS