Kathmandu: Minister for Information and Communications, Sherdhan Rai, today said the Ministry has started restructuring of subordinate organs in view of new state restructuring.

At a programme on ‘Postal Service Restructuring’ organized by Department of Postal Services here, Minister Rai said a work plan was afoot to revamp the organs within the Information Ministry making it result oriented. He added the scheme was driven with an aim to provide the services desired by the state.

“The necessity and worth of the postal service is still there, but we have to expand its working areas and commercial sphere to adapt with the flow of current information technology,” Minister Rai said.

The Minister called on the concerned stakeholders for advice on making the postal service autonomous expressing doubt if its progress had been inhibited due to government control.

On a different note, Minister Rai said, “The new constitution has envisioned a prosperous country by guaranteeing everyone’s right.”

Information Secretary, Dinesh Kumar Thapaliya, stressed on need for all to play their role for making postal services quick, secure, trustworthy, commercial, technology-friendly and competitive. “We should not look for an alternative to postal service just because the trend of sending written letters has slowed down,” he said.

Postal Services Department Director, Badrinath Gaire, emphasized on reforming the present organizational structure for streamlining the postal service and preparing plans for commercial benefit with identification of its working areas. He also called for management of the human resources and the organization.

Gaire further stressed on downsizing the number of the area postal offices, encouraging the staff and steps for expansion of areas of investment of the postal bank.