Nepalgunj: The monitoring of the District Education Office has revealed that most of the schools in Banke district are not disabled-friendly.

The monitoring committee under the office has found that though the schools have adopted the concept of inclusive education its implementation part is still in sorry state.

There is no arrangement of ramp in physical infrastructure of the school and the toilets also are not friendly to students with disabilities, reads the committee’s report.

It came to light in course of the monitoring that the children with disabilities in many schools have not received scholarship and identity card.

However, the District Education Office has said that efforts are underway to provide with scholarship to the children with disabilities and manage technical problems if any to ease their school life.

On the other edge, the District Disabled Coordination Committee under the Banke District Development Committee has been undertaking several activities to ensure service delivery to people with disabilities effective and increase their access to state agencies, said Committee Vice-Chairperson Dil Bahadur KC. RSS