Bhaktapur:  UCPN (Maoist) spokesperson Dinanath Sharma has said that Nepali Congress (NC) lost the post of the President due to senior leaders of the NC as they failed to accept the spirit of the political consensus.

At a face-to face programme organized by the Rafat Sanchar Club today in Bhaktapur, spokesperson Sharma added that NC lost the post of President after the party breached the political consensus among the major political parties and the same ended the environment for national consensus.

Talking on a different note, leader Sharma shared that India’s recent border blockade to Nepal has alerted the new generation about India’s treatment to Nepal though the previous generation of the country was familiar about the behavior of India to Nepal.

He urged all to convert the recent blockade into a chance to establish new relations among other nations and to find out other alternatives as well.

He added that the UCPN (Maoist) was always ready to address the right demands of the Madhesi and Tharu people. RSS