Saudi Arabia, Oct. 11: Nearly 100 Nepali migrant workers searching for their green pastures in Saudi Arabia have been left in high and dry condition for not getting jobs for almost one and a half months now.

It is said that the youth had flown to Saudi Arabia on September 1 and 2 with support from the Golden Eagle Manpower, Adventure Human Resources and next one recruiting agency in Kathmandu. The Nepalis were recruited from the Aljazeera Support Services Company for two years in contract.

Currently, the Nepalis migrant workers are living in two camps based in Hazar city. Bir Singh Samal of Darchula district, one of the migrant workers in the camp, said that they were badly cheated from the recruiting agencies by promising 1,200 Saudi Riyal salary per month for the job.

Samal added that he paid Rs 120,000 in cash to the recruiting agency in Kathmandu. “We are forced to sleep in the soaked floor from the very first day we arrived here,” he shared.
Samal said that they are given nothing than just 200 Saudi Riyal for their meals.

Likewise, Rudra Raut and Pradip Raut of Udayapur district also shared the same stories like that of Samal. Rudra shared that he paid Rs 105,000 for the Golden Eagle Manpower Company while Pradip said that he paid Rs 70,000 in cash.

The victims have said that they made repeated calls to the companies back in Kathmandu but the companies’ officials have also not received the phone calls in the recent days.
Some Nepalis living in the camp have taken ill due to lack of pure drinking water while some others have abandoned the camp in search of other jobs. RSS