Panchthar, Aug. 23: Transportation has halted after a landslide obstructed the Mid-Hill Pushpa Lal Highway at Vir area of Oyam in the district, following incessant rainfall for past few days.

Vehicles to and from the district headquarters Phidim did not ply as a result, affecting the locals in various ways. Amrit Thapa, secretary of Falaicha VDC, said that the landslide still continues, thus compounding the problem.

Meanwhile six houses of the locals at Ranitar-1 in the district are at risk of a landslide.

Also, 144 families at Ranitar-1 are forced to live in dark with the landslip damaging electricity poles and wires.

Likewise, a landslide swept away the Tribeni Micro Hydropower at Lungrupa-9, forcing more than 200 local people to live without electricity for the past two days. RSS