Kathmandu, Aug. 19: The right to safe drinking water and sanitation to every citizen should be enshrined as fundamental right in the new constitution, sanitation campaigners have demanded.

The Article 40 (4) related to health in the preliminary draft of the new constitution has mentioned access of everybody to clean drinking water and hygiene.

The Federation of the Drinking Water and Sanitation Users Nepal demanded including the right to drinking water, sanitation and health in the main article by amending it.

Federation Chairman Rajendra Aryal said that at a time when all political parties are agreed to make constitutional provision in order to keep it in both jurisdiction—right to drinking water and hygiene as fundamental rights and state’s responsibility — it should be mentioned in this regard.

He said that it was necessary to ensure as the constitutional rights in our country where tens of thousands of people lost their lives untimely in lack of safe drinking water and sanitation in every year.

South Asian Regional Advocacy Manager of Water and Nepal, Rabilal Shrestha, said it would be appropriate to mention the right to drinking water and sanitation as a separate fundamental rights to achieve the national goal for the access to drinking water and sanitation to all within 2017.