Mahottari, Aug. 18: The service recipients of the Agricultural Development Bank, Gaushala branch, in Mahottari district are deprived of easy and assessable services due to human resource crunch in the office.

Despite having 12 posts in the bank’s Gaushala branch, only five officials are delivering services at present. The residents of the western belt in the district including Gaushala, Bharatpur, Aurahi and Belgachhi are not getting timely services from bank due to the same.

Sitaram Bharati, a service seeker from Ramnagar, said that they should wait for months to receive a single service in time from the bank.

Bank’s Branch Manager Rajendra Thakur also admitted that they were not able to provide services to the bank’s clients due to small size of the officials.

Thakur added that he has written to the regional office of the bank in Janakpur for the management of the required number of officials. RSS