Bajura, Aug. 18: The Lipuchaur Karnali bridge over Karnali river that links the northeastern part of Bajura district to the district headquarters Martadi is in deplorable condition due to lack of maintenance for long.

The foundations of the bridge in both the sides are almost collapsed due to inundation, said Ganga Giri, a resident of Wai VDC-8 in the district. A large portion of the bridge foundation is inundated due to the flood in the river this year too.

Likewise, the locals of Kolti in the district are also affected in the supplies of daily essentials due to the poor condition of the bridge.

The swollen river has also deluged the houses and hotels on the bank of the Karnali river. Local businesspersons and hoteliers have shifted to the upper belt after the flood in the river submerged area, according to businessperson Gorakh Giri. RSS