Bhaktapur, Aug. 5: The quake-hit elderly women and men at Dudhpati in Bhatktapur were in dismay when they got the relief materials.

The reason for the dismay is because a humanitarian organization provided them sanitary pads instead of providing them with their immediate needs – food items, clothes and other daily consummables.

Much to the dismay of these quake-hit folks residing in the temporary settlement along the river bank of Na Pukhu in the district, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) was found to have distributed sanitary pads, causing the quake-hit folks an embarrassment.

“What’s the use of such items? They would rather bring us food items and clothes than such items which are of no use to us,” remarked 78-year-old Shanta Shrestha.

Furthermore, the senior citizens and the male in the temporary settlement here have expressed their dissent over the relief materials for it contained soap, brush, toothpaste, comb and sanitary pads among other toiletries.

Bishnudevi Byanju opined that it would be better if the UNICEF had distributed them food items. “Our hearts are overloaded by pang and pain, our immediate need is food items,” shared the 70-year-old Byanju.

Speaking in the similar vein, 67-year-old Padam Sundari Bati said that her immediate need was a roof (zinc corrugated sheets) and warm clothes or bedding articles as the roof in her makeshift shelter has developed a pore lately, allowing cold creep in her shelter in the night.

Likewise, Dipmaya Tukbanja, another elderly, argued that she would be grateful if she was distributed biscuit and bread instead of sanitary pads.

“There’s nothing useful items left to be expected from the relief materials distributors. Our hopes to receive the required materials are fading,” added Jagatmaya Pakka, another dismayed quake-hit elderly.

Quake-hit men are equally perplexed like these elderly women for they have experienced similar unpleasant moments. Take Manoj Duwal for instance. This physically challenged 32-year-old man received sanitary pads instead of some other aid that would be useful to him.

He further said, “As soon as I receive such unsuitable items in the relief materials, I choose not to take them home. Rather, I give the stuff back.”

The quake-victims in this locality argue that the haphazard distribution of the relief materials like this have mocked them instead of helping them in subduing their woes and discomfort. RSS